Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ava's Birthday Party!

Well, Ava's birthday was very fun, although because we still didn't really have anything unpacked kitchen-wise, I had to be creative with her birthday "cake". She got a piece of bread with tuna fish and a pretzel stick as a makeshift "candle". It was pretty cute, though. She wore her birthday pearls. :-)

We also found a super cute dress and bought that for her for her birthday, too. She doesn't really like dresses, but it looks cute on her anyway!

We took the dogs back to the dog park again. Ava didn't really get into it, I think she still has some reservations from the last time we were there, but Jack loved it! Joe and Jack played soccer while Ava and I sat on the bench. :-)

We've been spending most of our weekend shopping for furniture and unpacking boxes. Wow, it's a big job! I feel like we've been unpacking for days and we still have so much left. We did make a significant purchase yesterday, though - a brand new couch and overstuffed chair! We were looking and looking on Craigslist and couldn't find anything that was both clean AND under $500, so we just decided to make the leap and buy it new! It will be delivered in two weeks and we can't wait.

We also bought a couple bookshelves, a DVD rack and a super cool lamp at Target, and a great coffee table on Craigslist. I can't wait to see it all together once everything is here and put together! I think it's going to be really nice.

We went to see a movie this afternoon - Tropic Thunder. It was pretty funny. We're trying to get out and see what's here in town, and not just spend all our time at home unpacking. :-)

Well, that's it for now. Another week starts tomorrow!

And Sarah - I'm so happy to hear you're reading this! Ava misses the Dug-man! Tell him hi for us!!


Heidi said...

I'm reading this too! I love seeing what you guys are up to! Happy Birthday Ava, and hope your work week goes well. Miss you guys!


Kathy said...

I'm so glad to see you are still blogging. How sweet about Miss Ava's Birthday Party. I wish I could give her a squeeze. Jackson and Joe look like they are having fun. I haven't heard about that movie, would I like it? I need something funny, love ya, Kathy

Wendy Hughes-Jelen said...

Thanks for sending me a link ot your blog! Sophia says hi to Ava! Sophia can relate to Ava's little incident - it takes a long time for them to recover from those big dog incidents and start trusting them again.