Friday, August 1, 2008

New Car

Well, new to us. :-) We are now the proud owners of a maroon 1996 Honda Accord! After 4 stressful days of looking and with pretty much no time to spare, Joe finally found a car that matched what we wanted - a dependable car with air conditioning and automatic transmission that would make it to Maryland!

It's SO roomy and we are really happy with it. Lots of room for us up front and lots of room for the dogs in the back. We've got it set up nice for them - both dog's beds are set up with toys and chew toys all around!

Yesterday was a little stressful, though. The movers were supposed to come at 10:00 a.m. We finally called them at 12:30 and they said that the I-90 bridge was closed, they didn't know what to do, so they went to their next job - in Bellingham! (The bridge was closed for 20 minutes for the Blue Angels practice... they didn't know this??) My dad showed up to help us with last minute things and the three of us were supposed to have a nice dinner at Ivars to celebrate. Well, Joe had to stay home to wait for the movers and dad and I got a quick dinner at Ivars and brought take-out for Joe.
By the time we got back the movers were just getting started. They left about 9:00 p.m. - and then we started cleaning.

And yes, there is dirty clothes in one of those boxes. We finished up the cleaning this morning and I think it was passable. Not that I'm getting my deposit back any way - Ava has seen to that. :-)

Now we are sitting in Portland trying to stay awake at least long enough to have dinner with Joe's parents. The car was a nice smooth ride on the way down. We'll see how it feels after 5, 8, 12 hours. :-)

We'll be here in Portland until Monday morning and then head to Wenatchee!

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