Sunday, August 10, 2008

Portage, IN

This morning Ava wanted to make sure we didn't leave without her:

We drove 800 miles and through 5 states today! We started in South Dakota, went through Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois, and are now staying in Portage, Indiana. Crazy, huh? We also drove over the Mississippi River, which was pretty surreal. This is at a rest stop in Minnesota:

We drove past Chicago, but weren't able to stop. No time and there was tons of traffic. We also started having to pay tolls. The first and second toll we went through we got through free. The person in front of us paid for the car behind them. Isn't that cool?? So, we paid it forward and paid for the person behind us at the next toll. :-)

The dogs are starting to get a little annoyed with all the driving, but are still doing very well. Tonight they were trying to be very patient, but as soon as we got to the motel, they couldn't wait to play play play!

Not much more to report. Just lots of driving, no real sight seeing.

We should be at our new apartment tomorrow night!


Stuart said...

Can’t believe you two are arriving today! So exciting! Love the constant blog updates so keep them coming even after you get to your new home.

Kathy said...

Oh Heather, My God what a country we live in, so much to see and so little time. Jackson's silhouette is precious and that Ave and the bikers made me laugh. Did you happen to see Crazy Horse? The picture of you and Mt. Rushmore is wonderful. Bonnie said that you had a flair for writing. Willa called and I tryed to fill her in on your trip until the call was dropped. She said you left a message. Also, she said never again without communication. I agree with Stuart keep the blogs coming when you get home. The miles you have traveled are really remarkable,has Joe done most of them? love ya, Kathy