Friday, August 15, 2008

Catch Up

So, I now have a bit of time to catch up on what's been going on. Not that it's been much. :-) Our routine has been that we get up, take showers, and I take Joe to the fair at 11:00. Then I come home and do as much as I can via phone to get things organized, take the dogs for walks, and read. Then I pick Joe up at 10:00 p.m. (He will only have those long hours while the fair is going). I lay on the air mattress all day because that is the only thing we have in the apartment. And because the only room that has an overhead light is the dining room, we sleep in the dining room. It's actually pretty funny.

We're having a good time with it all. It cracks us up sometimes that we have no plates, silverwear, cooking utinsils, ect. Yesterday Joe was walking around the apartment aimlessly because all he wanted to do was just sit down someone other than the floor. I walked out of the bathroom and he was sitting on the dryer! haha.

I have done some laundry, speaking of the dryer, and that is SO nice. No more quarter laundry in the basement!

I went to visit Joe at work yesterday for the first time (and left the dogs alone at home for the first time). He's met some great people in the booths next to his and has been really successful getting people interested in chiropractic. We walked around a little bit and then it started thunder and lightening. Well, we thought that was cool because we love thunder storms and we were laughing at the people running to cover around us. THEN we realized we were pretty much the only people out on the street and the rain was getting harder.

Then the loud speaker came on and said, "everyone get under cover". And the thunder was getting worse. I booked it to the car because I wanted to get home and be with the dogs in case they were freaking out. By then I was soaked. I turned on the radio and the radio guy was saying, "everyone get under cover and stay away from the windows. 60 mph gusts and penny-sized hail expected." I decided to stay where I was instead of trying to make it home.

The storm didn't last long, but it was intense. Like my dad said, they have a lot more weather over here than we're used to! I guess thunder storms are nothing to laugh at here!

Anyway, here are some pics of Joe pre-storm:

I've met some of our neighbors and they seem really nice. There is a nice path around the apartment complex to walk the dogs, which is really convenient. There is also a lake right down the road with a path around it. I haven't made it there yet. The dogs (and me) are still getting used to the humidity.

I think that's about it for now. Joe has to work until Saturday and then I start work on Monday.

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