Monday, August 11, 2008

We Made It! Germantown, MD

Well, I told dad that I couldn't post tonight because we didn't have internet access. Turns out someone in our building must have an open connection, because we're stealing someone's internet right now... good for us! :-)

First of all, it's Jackson's birthday today. He is three year's old today and Joe has owned him for one year today. Happy birthday Jackson!!

Today was another long day, but oh my goodness, we made it! We started out in Indiana and drove through Ohio and Pennsylvania to get to Maryland. It was funny seeing Sandusky, Ohio (from Tommy Boy), and we stopped at a rest stop that actually had a fenced outdoor area for dogs. We met a woman and her pug that live on the Virginia side of D.C. 

Pennsylvania was beautiful. Beautiful trees and wild flower fields and lakes and rivers. We really liked that drive. Maryland was the same way... very pretty drive. We ended up just randomly talking to Joe's new boss on the phone at the same moment we were passing where he was on the freeway. He asked us to stop so we could meet. So, we met Joe's new boss today, and he seems like a really great guy. Joe has to start work tomorrow, so I'll be all alone to try to set up the apartment as much as possible.

We were supposed to get to the apartment at 6:00 and didn't make it till 8:00. We lost another hour today (we're officially on East Coast Time!) and the traffic, toll booths and construction slowed us down. Luckily, the apartment people set it up so the on-call maintenance guy met us with our keys. (While I was waiting for the keys, Joe went to Chick Fil-A to get food. He was super ecstatic!)

The apartment is great. A nice size, with a fireplace and a walk in closet. We are right next to the tennis courts and pool and we've already met a neighbor who has an adorable little Yorkie named Daisy. :-) Oh - we also have a buzzer - so we can buzz people in when they come see us! I've only really seen those in shows.... so it's kind of cool.

There is one thing I don't like about Maryland so far. They have mosquitos. I've already been bit about 6 times. I need to buy bug repellent.

We have been keeping track of our mileage from the start and we just figured it out that from Seattle to Germantown was 3,336 miles. Holy crap! And yes, Kathy, Joe drove most of those. I think I drove 5 hours in that entire trip. I know, I'm horrible, but in my defense, he said he really does prefer driving. He says its because he gets really bored when he's not driving and doesn't have anything to do. I'm going to believe that and hope it's not really because I make him car sick. :-)

Hopefully we can keep this connection at least until we can set up our own. I'll try to blog again tomorrow. Love you all!! Can't believe we're so far away from home!!

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Kathy said...

OMG you made it, how cool. So how was the Chick Fil-A? Maybe you can ship some here. I really want to go to Pennsylvania someday. I'm driving to Yakima on Thursday to meet up with Willa, and I'm worried about that short distance, I guess I wouldn't have made it to Maryland. Happy Birthday to Jackson. Joe's first day of work and you home with the kids how fun. I better go for now and good luck with everything, love ya, Kathy