Saturday, August 16, 2008

Movers are Coming!

Just heard some great news! The moving guy called and said he will be here to deliver our stuff tomorrow morning! Boy, do I hope it works out and he is there on time! All four of us are ready for some furniture so we actually feel like this is our new home! This is all we have now:

Today is Joe's last day at the fair. I dropped him off and then went out trying to find a dog park we had heard about. I found it, and unfortunately, it didn't have a small dog area. But, I decided to let them go for it anyway. I was so happy because as soon as Ava got in, she seemed really excited and was running around. Then, out of nowhere this big dog completely BOWLED her over and she limped away screaming bloody murder. Oh my god, it was awful and I thought, this is it, it's happened, she's broke something. I ran to her and gingerly picked her up and just held her and calmed her down for a minute. She was shaking all over. Then I started checking her out and thank god, she wasn't hurt. I think she got stepped on and run over and it scared the be-jesus out of her, but she wasn't broken.

She stuck to me like glue for the rest of the time we were there. The big dogs left and the other little dog owners kept coming and checking on us, they were really nice. I let her walk around for a while but if another dog besides Jack even got close, she would freak out. It made me so sad because she was so excited when we got there. And now she has bad memories of it. Jack, on the other hand, had a great time!

I'm at another coffee shop today. Won't get internet set up in the apartment until August 26th. Which makes it kind of hard to start furnishing our apartment through Craigslist.... but we'll think of something.

Joe is really excited to be done with the fair. Too long of nights, although he does say he is starting "to feel like a doctor" giving out advice and having people thank him for good suggestions. It's so cool to see him so passionate about what he does. :-)

Tomorrow is the first day we both aren't working and can spend some time together, exploring Germantown. We're going to drive to both our works and figure out a good route, all that good stuff.

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