Monday, December 1, 2008

Parents Here, Busy Weekend


Joe and I met my parents at the airport on Monday night (the 23rd). It was so nice to see them! We had a busy evening, getting them settled into their rental car, having dinner, and finding their hotel. 

On Tuesday, I had to work, so they took the Metro into D.C. and spent the day touring around. Tuesday night all three of them came to pick me up at work and we had dinner and then went back to our apartment - where they were going to stay for the rest of their time here. Ava went ballistic seeing her Gramma and Grampa!!

I took Wednesday off and we had a busy day preparing for Thanksgiving - lots of shopping and cooking. We also went to see the movie Four Christmases, which was pretty funny.

The next day was Thanksgiving, which meant more cooking and LOTS of eating! We also played lots of dominos. Even though we had to eat on the couch (because we didn't have a dining room table) and it was just the four of us, it really felt like a traditional Thanksgiving and it was SO nice.

Friday I got everyone up at 5 a.m. and we did the whole Black Friday shopping experience. I made them shop till everyone dropped! We were done and back home napping by 11:30. 

We had an early Christmas that night and exchanged presents. My parents bought Joe and I a brand new dining room table that we absolutely LOVE, so the boys set that up while I decorated the house in Christmas decorations. 

Then we went to opening night of "Winter Lights" in Germantown - a park that you drive through and see hundreds of light displays. VERY cool and a great way to kick off Christmas.

Saturday, Stuart came over and we visited with him for a little bit. Then my parents, Joe and I went to St. Michael's, MD. It's right on the beach and wow - was it beautiful. Lots of cute little shops and restaurants. We did some more shopping and ate really expensive meals and realized how much we needed to come back in the summer! It was such a fun little getaway.

Sunday, we split with my parents - Joe and I went back home and my mom and dad continued their trip, next stop Atlantic City. They will then visit Philadelphia and some other little towns my mom wanted to see and be back at our apartment on Wednesday. They leave early, early Thursday morning.
The whole five-day weekend almost seems like a blur now. We did so much and had so much fun, but it went by awfully fast. I wish Joe and I could have stayed with my parents as they continued their journey, but I had to go back to work. And I'll hardly see them at all when they come back because they have to leave so early, but I am so happy they made the trip.

Things I am thankful for this holiday season:
1. Having a family that loves and supports me.
2. Being in a loving, committed, happy, and fun relationship.
3. Owning two wonderful, albeit crazy, dogs.
4. Having friends who are like family.
5. Being able to explore new places and experience new things.

Happy holidays!

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Aly @ Lip Zip said...

Wow! You packed a lot into your visit! Great photos and story.