Monday, November 24, 2008

Heidi's Last Weekend

Unfortunately (for me) this last weekend was Heidi's last weekend in D.C. She is headed back to Seattle Wednesday morning. It was sad to part with her last night - knowing I won't see her again for five months. I got spoiled having her so close!

But we did have a nice weekend together. We met her and her friend Ally (also from Seattle, who was transferred to D.C. for a week for work - same company as Heidi) to watch the Cougar/Husky game on Saturday night. Then on Sunday we met up to tour around Eastern Market and Georgetown. (Sorry the pictures are so dark.)

Joe, Stuart and I also went to the Museum of American History this weekend. It was fun! I got to see a lot of movie memorabilia, as well as some interesting articles from the past - like the advertisement they had framed that said "D-T-T is good for me!" and a message from the guy who invented saccharine. Wow, the things we didn't know... makes me wonder what things we're using now that we think are great and in 50 years, they will be in a museum and others will be thinking - "it's sad they actually thought that was good for them..."

This is actually the hat Lincoln was wearing the night he was shot. Isn't that crazy?

Overall, a fun weekend. I'll miss you Heidi!

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