Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Rocked the Vote!

This is such an important day. It really hit me this morning how incredibly important today is. We've been waiting and waiting, and talking about everything for so long. We've been listening to both sides, watching the debates, debating with each other... for how long? This election started so long ago - remember when Hilary announced her run over the Internet? And then some guy I had never heard of announced he would be running against Hilary. Funny how that guy has come to be so important to me. :-)

We got there before the polls opened this morning - around 6:55 a.m. We had heard about the long lines in other cities, but didn't expect to find such a long line in our small community. It stretched it's way all through the school, around corner after corner. But I have to give major props to our polling people - it was so efficient and we were done in a little over an hour.

Anyway, I know it's silly, but it's kind of emotional - it's a big day. And it's a great feeling to be one of the first to vote as opposed to one of the last, now that we live on the East Coast. It was also my first time to vote at a booth - I've voted absentee all other elections.

I hope you all are getting out and voting today. I got an email from my cousin PJ who lives in The Netherlands and he took time out of his day to write to me to ask me to vote - because he said, "the whole world is watching." So true.

Go rock the vote! It's a great feeling!

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sarah said...

I love your cousin's comment. SO true.