Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween! D.C. Style

Joe and I had a great time last night! We met up with Stuart and Katherine (an old friend of Stuart's who lived with him in Seattle for a while but moved back to Maryland, where she is originally from), and we did a pub crawl in downtown D.C. It was so much fun. We met a lot of people in GREAT costumes. Some of my favorites included Michael Jackson in Thriller (and when that song came on he danced the whole dance - it was awesome!), Goose & Iceman from Top Gun, A Bag of Cocaine (super creative), Cindy McCain, Bristol Palin (SO funny!!), and Jim from The Office. Oh - and someone dressed up like Jigsaw (from the Saw series) and I almost wet myself it freaked me out so bad.

Stuart dressed up like "The Old Guy Who Never Left Hawaii" (don't ask, he's random, but it turned out pretty good) and Katherine was Wonder Woman. Joe and I were Gunslingers. Here are some pictures.

Joe and me rocking the Gunslinger garb:

Joe taking his first ever JagerBomb (he liked it!) and me finishing off a Bellini. I'm probably the only person who orders a Champagne drink on Halloween night...

Stuart and his friend Ben, the devil.

Katherine has an obsession with taking photos with random people.

This guy was visiting from China. I'm sure he'll have lots of stories to tell!

Don't you love Stuart's hair? I told him he should actually go blond for real. :-)

It's a hold up!

Too much fun!

I love Halloween!! Hope you all had a great one as well!

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