Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kimmy and South and Our Trip to Baltimore

One of Joe's friends from chiropractic school, Kim Mullen, is dating a very cool guy who grew up in Baltimore. His name is South. Kim and South flew out here from Portland to visit his family for the holidays and we were able to meet up with them yesterday.

It was our first time in the Baltimore area and South took us on a great little tour. We walked through the historical district, got a beer at a very cool little Irish pub, walked along the waterfront, and drove through the city where Joe got to see Camden Yards.

Don't mind the fact that I look completely pregnant in the above picture. It was cold and I had on a lot of layers. Ugh.

We spent some time at South's parents' house, too. His parents are great and quizzed Joe and I about how our parents felt about us up and moving clear across the country. (They were not happy with all three of their children did the exact same thing - all moving to Oregon one day.)

It was nice to see Joe in the company of a schoolmate again. They get so excited and engrossed talking about chiropractic stuff - what they've learned, what they've seen/experienced since graduation, new techniques they've heard about, new equipment they've used... they are so passionate about the practice it's really fun to see them together. I try to be as good of a sounding board for Joe as I can, but since most of that stuff is either so far over my head I can't understand it OR so disgusting I can't hear it (I mean cow tongue sutures and year-old cadavers are NOT my thing), I'm usually not much help.

South and I just sat and watched TV while Kim had Joe on the ground showing him a new way to adjust someone's neck. ("Try it on Heather," she said. Ummm, no thanks!!)

Anyway, it was a great day, especially after hearing that Joe passed his boards!

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