Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekend Review

My parents flew back home on Thursday morning - they left the apartment around 4:30 a.m. It was sad to see them go, but we had such a nice time visiting with them. They had a great little trip around our portion of the East Coast, visiting Atlantic City, the Philadelphia Mint, and Amish Country. They brought back a shoefly pie to share, but that ended up getting knocked off the table and eaten by our dogs while we were out to dinner Wednesday night. Jack and Ava are turning into terrors when it comes to getting food off the counters and table. grrr.

This weekend was much more quiet. Friday we did some more Christmas shopping and went out to dinner at this great little Italian Grill near our apartment. When we got home, Ava had received a special holiday card in the mail from her Grandma Connie! It was an edible Christmas card made out of rawhide. It was the COOLEST thing I've seen. And she loved it. Apparently, Jackson has one coming too, but she felt pretty special that she got hers first. :-)

On Saturday Joe and I decided to head into downtown Gaithersburg for their little community holiday event. There was some music and free hot cider and we watched them light a Christmas tree. It was.. okay. :-) But it was snowing, and that made it pretty great. It was the first real snow of the year and although that made the roads pretty crazy (cars slipping and sliding, especially on the bridges) it was so beautiful. We listened to Christmas carols on the radio and basked in the Christmas season.

Sunday we met Stuart downtown, did a little shopping, had a great vegan lunch, and played some video games on his brand new 46" TV. I would have taken pictures, but I forgot my camera. Next time.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend too! Now back to the work week!

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