Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stuart's Birthday Celebration

On Saturday, Joe and I helped Stuart celebrate his 27th birthday. (His birthday was actually Monday, but we celebrated during the weekend.) We went to his place, ate Chinese takeout, drank Red Bull and Jager, and killed Nazi zombies on his XBox. It was definitely a Stuart-esque night. :-)

I am sort of proud of the fact that I killed more Nazi zombies than anyone else. Not sure why I feel so good about that accomplishment, considering I am usually such a pacifist, but they were Nazis and zombies after all...

Unfortunately, the pie we made completely melted the candles, so basically Stuart blew out a pie engulfed in flames, and then we proceeded to eat pie that was mixed with wax, but it was the thought that counted.

Afterward, we went to this karaoke bar downtown and met up with a few of Stuart's friends. Joe and I headed home around midnight and left the now 27-year-old to his own deviant devices. Last we saw, he was making out with part of a bridal party, so I guess he had a good night.

Happy Birthday Stuart! Now you are as old as me!

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sarah said...

OMG. Stuart looks too skinny. You guys need to feed him. As far as the bridal party, that's just gross. No one wants to hear about that.