Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Getting Colder

Well, Jackson was extremely happy that he got his edible card on Monday. He would not put it down after we gave it to him. His was a bit thicker than Ava's and he absolutely loved it! I finally took it away from him around 10:00 p.m. when we went to bed and there was almost nothing left. :-) Thanks again Grandma Connie!

It's starting to get colder here and poor Ava just HATES going outside. It's like torture for her. She sleeps in our bed, lays on my lap when I eat or work on the computer (or basically anything), gets fed organic food and lots of treats, gets hugs and kisses every day, yet when I pull out a coat and leash and she knows she's going outside, she hides and looks at me like I'm the WORST parent ever.

So, she definitely wasn't happy when I pulled out her four-legged jammies. It's so cold that she needs the extra coverage but this is the coat she hates the most. Look how cute she is though! She waddles around in this thing and looks so miserable, but I can't help but giggle at her because it's just so damn cute. (Okay, maybe that does make me a bit of a torturer...)

In other news, Joe finished his classes for his Bachelors, so as soon as he completes his thesis, he will officially have his Bachelor's Degree! (He always jokes that he's the only person who got his doctorate before his undergraduate.) He has also gone on two interviews with chiropractors in the Fairfax, Virginia area. They are both great opportunities and he is seriously considering them. He has a few other opportunities that he wants to look into first, then he will make a decision. Wish him luck!


Renée aka Mekhismom said...

The dogs are so cute. I love the idea of an edible holiday card for the puppies.

Wendy Hughes-Jelen said...

Heather - I've caught up on your blog. Sophia doesn't have 4-legged jammies, she would shoot me. But she does have a pink down jacket vest and a pink camo thermal underwear shirt that I will be layering when it gets colder - they are predicting overnight temps this weekend of 22 degrees here in Seattle.

I haven't worked in 6 weeks, after Steve being out of work for 6 weeks. He is back to work, but I am having a tough time because of the holiday season and number of people out of work. I joined a new real estate company,, tho, GreenWorks Realty, and have a new listing, so am spending some time doing real estate while sending out resumes to find a job!

I hope you guys are well. You seem busy and settling in way over there. We miss you!

Aly @ Lip Zip said...

Those pictures are priceless. I used to dress up my dogs for fun, not necessity. I was much younger then but a part of me still wants to put our beagle in a dress when he's being naughty.