Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's Christmas 2008, Can You Believe It?

At 7:15 this morning Joe and I got up and ran out to the livingroom to open the presents we've been staring at for weeks. We were like two kids. We looked outside hoping we could at least say we got a skiff of snow on Christmas Day, but no go. It was actually the warmest it's been in weeks. Ended up getting to about 60 degrees today. Yep, no snow for us.... ever, it seems.

Anyway, we opened stockings first. Joe got "The Fully Monty" DVD, candy, a notepad, and a mind-tester metal puzzle. (This puzzle had him more frustrated than entertained for the first two hours he had it. I was starting to think it was the worst gift ever until he finally figured it out and felt very proud of himself.) 

I got cozy socks, Starbucks candy (mmmmm), spa gloves, a loofa, and a Kung Fu Panda Pez. Anything cozy is gold to me, so I put the socks on right away.

Look at all our presents! We are so well loved!! All four of us! The dogs seriously got as many or more presents than we did. :-)

We lets the pups open their gifts first. We seriously treat these dogs like our kids, but I just can't help it. They looked so cute sniffing at the gifts and tearing at the paper.

Joe got Ava an adorable little Santa outfit. It fit her perfectly and it looked SO cute on her! Of course, she hated it, because she hates all clothes, but we loved it on her and that's all that matters. 

We took her and Jack for a walk around the lake this afternoon and I made her wear it. She got lots of attention from the other walkers!

Joe's mom had a snuggle sack made for her, which is basically like a mini sleeping bag. She absolutely loves to burrow into covers, so it's really perfect for her. You can see she obviously loves it!

I got her a cute new collar from K9 Closet! Any of you dog people out there, I recommend them. They have very cute collars.

Wow, I just realized I didn't get any pictures of Jack. I'm such a bad mom. Jackson had a lovely Christmas as well - he got lots of yummy treats and new toys. My parents got both dogs the cutest ornaments. Ava's is a picture of an Italian Greyhound painted on a glass ornament. It looks exactly like her, it's crazy. Jackson's was a blue ball with a cute puppy (which looked exactly like what we picture Jackson to have looked like as a puppy) sitting on top. :-)

Then it was time for Joe and I to open our gifts. Joe's sister's family gave us sweatshirts with their company name on them. They are great sweatshirts and I'm wearing mine right now as I type this. You know how I love to be comfy, and it is definitely comfy.

I also got some beautiful jewelry, mugs, coffee and a gift card from Starbucks, a personalized drink coaster, and a green camisole. I really felt like I made out like a bandit!

Joe got an Oregon State golf pullover and long-sleeved shirt (Oregon State is the college he went to and the college his niece Samantha was just accepted into - Go Beavs!), a year subscription to Men's Health, and chocolates. He was thrilled! 

Oh, and I got Joe this shadow box, which I filled with memories of Buddha, Joe's wonderful dog who crossed to the bridge two years ago. Joe has this clay mold of Buddha's paw print that he has been wanting to display in some way for a long time. So, I included that, as well as a photo of the two of them, and Buddha's collar and tag. I totally surprised him and he really loved it.
We really felt so loved once we had everything opened. The dogs were happily playing with their new toys and chewing on their bones, we were kicked back on the couch drinking our coffee and reveling in the fact that we are so lucky to have such wonderful families.

Even though we couldn't be with you, we love you all and miss you on this special day. Hope you all feel as loved and happy as we do!

Have a wonderful Christmas!


followthatdog said...

that picture of the Italian greyhound in a santa jacket is like cute overload. Fantastic. Merry Christmas.

Cindy said...

Thanks for all the pics and updates, we really still feel connected with web cam and blog, Heather you are doing a great job. You guys look good in green haha
Stutzman Green. TTL Sis

malinda said...

OMG, that is so funny with the Stutzman sweaters, nothing like free advertising! That shadow box you got Joey is really awesome though, that is such a good idea! you should have included some of the stuff he chewed up!