Sunday, September 28, 2008


As I mentioned before, my good friend Heidi was relocated to Washington D.C. for a couple months, starting last week. We had dinner with her last night, and it was so nice to see a familiar face!

We were going to meet her in D.C. and see some sights, but it was pouring down rain last night, so we decided to meet her at her place for dinner. Wow, did she get set up in a nice condo! It was fully furnished with NICE furniture, new stainless steel appliances, jacuzzi bath, the works! And it's on the 16th floor, so it's got a great view, too!

Her bedroom was especially beautiful and included a flatscreen TV!

Well, I guess they should have set her up someplace nice, after uprooting her for two months! Anyway, we had a wonderful dinner prepared by Heidi (she is SUCH the hostess!) and shared a bottle of wine while we got caught up with each other. 

We did see one thing that was pretty crazy. As we were walking to her place from the metro, we saw a fight between this couple. Well, right when we got past them, the girl hauled off and smacked the guy on the face so hard that the sound of it echoed! He stormed off in the other direction, toward us (and a bar) and when he walked past us, we saw the outline of that girl's hand on his neck. Pretty crazy. Oh, and did I mention Heidi lives next door to the U.S. Courthouse? Pretty ballsy to start a fight right there!

Anyway, it was a great night. And so easy to get to Heidi's place with the Metro. I love big cities and their public transportation! It's just too bad we have to drive to the nearest Metro station... 

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