Monday, September 22, 2008

Another week gone

I can't believe another week has gone by. These weeks are flying by, with all the new things we're doing and the new people we're meeting.

Friday night we did our first happy hour, at this cool sports bar near our apartment. We're really trying to save money, so we haven't been going out at all, but we decided to splurge this weekend. It was a great place. I'm sure we'll be going back.

The rest of the weekend, Joe spent working. On Saturday, he did an event at a Sleep Country store in Frederick. He offered free massage to the customers who came in looking at beds. Those people who work there actually get to come to work in pajamas and lay on beds all day. Maybe I should have looked into that....

The store was in a mall, so I went with Joe and did some shopping while I was there.

On Sunday, Joe hosted a booth at a local festival. It was called "Old Town Days" and it was actually a pretty cool event. I came and hung out for the last couple hours and had a great time. The Gin Blossoms were playing, so I listened to them for a bit. I guess the Rembrandts played earlier, but I missed them. There was a huge crowd listening to the band. Here are some pics:

Joe was super busy during the fair. He had a lot of people interested in chiropractic and I guess two people have already scheduled appointments. So, his hard work is paying off. Here is Joe at his booth:

Right after the fair on Sunday, we went out to dinner with one of the girls I work with and her boyfriend. They are a really nice couple - she's a vegetarian and he isn't, so it's a good couple for us to hang out with. :-)

Her boyfriend, Trey, is the drummer of a death metal band, and I guess they are pretty well-known. Of course, I don't know them because I don't listen to that music, but they tour all over the country, Europe, Australia - all over the world! His band has opened for Kiss, Slayer, Iron Maiden, and others. He has a tour bus and groupies and everything. He was telling us all sorts of stories about being on tour. Are you ready for the name of the band? Dying Fetus. Yes, that is the name of his band.

He is playing a show in Maryland and said he could get us on the guest list. Joe and I were pretty pumped at the opportunity to be "on the list" for once in our lives, but I'm not sure we would fit in with that crowd. :-) We looked up their music online.... and I'm pretty sure they conjure Satan at one point.

Anyway, so that was our weekend. Hope everyone is doing well back home. Miss you!!

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Cindy said...

Crack me up! You guys could get mohawks and tatoos too. Oh ya already have them. HA HA