Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bad Dog

So, Joe went home for lunch yesterday like he always does, but this time he came home to a mess! Once again, little Miss Ava must have jumped up onto the counter and knocked off a casserole dish that was sitting up there. It SHATTERED all over the kitchen floor. Ava got little cuts on both her back paws. There was a little blood, but by the time Joe got there, she wasn't bleeding anymore and had licked them clean.

That casserole dish was huge and probably weighed almost as much as her! Thank goodness it didn't hit her! On the one hand, I'm sorry the poor girl hurt herself, but on the other, what a BAD DOG!! Little jumpy thing thinks she can do whatever she wants! Okay, okay, she can, but still... bad dog.

I guess we have officially learned our lesson about leaving dirty dishes on the counter. We're going to have to actually not be lazy and do the dishes after we've eaten. What a crock.

In other news, Jack got a gift yesterday. After him having so much fun playing with the soccer balls at the dog park, we decided he needed his own! He LOVES it!

And Joe had his first "public speaking" event today. A few weeks ago, he joined the Chamber of Commerce and joined the Membership Committee. They had a meeting today and he had to stand up in front of 50 people and give a 15-20 second infomercial about his company. Anyone who knows Joe will know that even though it was only 15-20 seconds, it was still his personal nightmare. But he got through it, did a great job, and even ended up finally meeting some fellow golfers! I'll probably never see him now.... :-)

I also found out that my good friend Heidi was relocated to Washington D.C. for a couple months, starting today! So, I'll get to hang out with her while she is here, which I'm VERY excited about! I keep joking that I move over here, and all my friends follow! (Stuart will be here October 1st).

That's it! Hope everyone is having a great week!


Willa said...

Poor Ava! I think she's trying to tell you that she misses her Grandma! :-) Cute pictures of Jack, I know how he LOVES his toys. I bet you are sooo excited about Heidi coming your way. Are you going to be another Grandma where everyone follows you??? I love reading your blogs, keep them coming!!!
Love, Mom

Stuart said...

Bad Ava! I'm so glad all that she ended up with was a few minor cuts and that the dish didn't land on her.