Friday, September 12, 2008

Home Alone

Well, Joe left for Seneca Falls, New York today. He has his third set of board exams tomorrow morning at 7:15 a.m. He's been studying for the last two weeks. He feels pretty confident about it, but still pretty nervous. Plus, it's a 7-hour drive to Seneca Falls from here, so he was NOT excited about the drive. Jackson has tried helping Joe study many times this week.

Since Joe's gone, I will spend my first night alone in the apartment. What to do? I feel obligated to do something girlie, like watch "The Notebook" and eat bonbons. But I'll probably just end up playing VirusBuster on the Wii like every other night. :-)

Another week down at work. We had a "Marketing Team Lunch" today at Red Robin. It's so fun to be in a work environment that does morale-boosting things like that. The company is also planning a company picnic in October. Fun! Still really liking it at work. As the weeks go by, things are becoming more comfortable and I'm taking on more responsibility. It's nice.

Joe is still liking his job, too. He's still doing a lot of marketing stuff. Last night he did chair massage at a gym right by our house. He offers free massage to customers, in the hope that if those customers ever need chiropractic care, they will remember him and come to his office. He has a lot of those planned at different businesses in the area through the rest of the year.

Well, not much more to report. I'll leave you will a cute picture of the pups:

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