Saturday, September 6, 2008

New Couch!

We got out new couches today! They are big and shrink our living room quite a bit, but we love them! We had a great experience with the delivery guys, too. They came on time and had them in the apartment and unwrapped in a matter of minutes. I was very impressed. The dogs are already making themselves at home. :-)

We got some of the effects of Hurricane Hannah today. We had to make a run to the grocery store and got completely soaked just dashing from the apartment complex to the car... about 3 yards away. The dogs are feeling a little cooped up today because they haven't been able to go out and play.

Nothing much else going on. Another successful week. Stuart sent us his Wii for safe keeping and we've been playing that... I actually bowled a 205 last night! :-) We also like to play Super Mario Bros and Ava wanted to make sure she wasn't missing anything.


Kathy said...

I was wondering about tropical storm Hanna, I heard she was really coming down on you all. And another one nipping at her heels. Is it starting to look like Seattle wasn't so wet? Has Joe got his fill of Chick Fil-a yet? Wow red furniture, you are really making a change. Ava looks so cute. It sure is lonely without the boys here. love ya, Kathy

Stuart said...

I love the red couch and can't wait to crash on it :) Glad to see that you two are putting the Wii to good use. Also, I expect a blog post about the CR before long. See you soon!

Thoughts said...

Hi there,

Hope you stay safe from the hurricane.

I like your blog here. Thanks for visiting me!