Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fun at the Farm

First of all, let me wish Ava's very best cat friend a happy birthday! Dugan, who still lives in the Seattle area, turned 1 yesterday! Ava was sad she couldn't go to his party. :-)

We took the dogs to another playdate at the Farm yesterday. They had so much fun! They are really loving this place, with it's agility course. We also tried the lure coursing section this time. I wasn't really interested in it, but everyone else was trying it, so we joined them.

Well, once again, the dogs surprised us. They absolutely loved it! Jack especially. He was instantly excited when he saw the lure. He's got a bit of a squirrel obsession and is always pissed when we don't let him chase them around the apartment complex, so this was a way for him to get that fantasy fulfilled! haha.

So, what they do is attach a fluffy bag to this pulley and race it around this field and the dogs are supposed to chase it. It's like those greyhound races you've seen... except this is just in someone's backyard and for us, just for another way to get them exercised.

Ava also loved it and went the whole way around the field chasing this thing. When she was done, the whole group tried to convince me to race her because she took to it so well and was so good at it. I'm glad she had fun with it, but I will NEVER race her.

They also had fun going around the agility course. Here are a couple videos. They are pretty pixilated and hard to really see, but I'm experimenting, so I thought I'd post them anyway. And in the one of Jack lure coursing, you can only see Jack for a couple seconds, and then he's GONE, but you get the general idea. Pictures in the next post.


Stuart said...

That is awesome. I love the videos and being able to see Ava and Jack enjoy themselves. Can't wait to see them (and you and Joe :) in person soon!

Kaylie said...

aww i miss skelator.