Wednesday, October 1, 2008


It's Wednesday, and there is not much going on, but I thought I'd update you anyway. Workwise, let's see... well, I've been given the task of being "Santa" for work this year. It's pretty cool. Birthday in a Box sells these letters from Santa that you can buy for your children that comes in this cool scroll thing and tied with a velvet rope with a sleigh bell on it. I guess not a lot of people in the company like to take this particular project on, because it's a lot of writing and a lot of work - but I'm sure you could guess that I was pretty excited! To me, it's never too early to think about Christmas!

Speaking of holidays, it's now October which means it's officially Halloween season! I told Joe that I will be decorating the house today and he was in disbelief that I would start this early. I told him that I was making myself wait until it was October, so he better be happy I didn't start decorating a month ago! I've found only a couple people who planned to dress up for work, which really dissappointed me. We're a birthday company people!! We should be in to this stuff! But I told my department that I expect them to dress up (including my supervisor). I said, "I know I'm not the head of this department, but I expect all of you to dress up!" I think I've convinced them. :-)

Stuart flies in tonight. He was planning on staying with us the first night, but got his apartment secured early, so he's going to just move directly in. I'll see him this weekend. I'm excited for him to be here, but sad that he's going to take the Wii from us. :-( So selfish, that's me.

Last night we had a rain storm with thunder and lightening. We had the windows open so we could hear everything. The thunder and lightening didn't bother the dogs at all, but I think they got a little chilly. :-)

Joe has been busy with getting ready for school to start. He has 5 credits to go on his Bachelor's degree and he got registered for the classes yesterday. He's taking a literature class and a music class. Then he has to write a thesis. I think he's doing it on knee injuries... He's going to be SO happy to get that finally out of the way. He finished graduate school and became a doctor before he got his Bachelor's. Funny boy.

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