Sunday, October 12, 2008

Saturday I went to Walk for Paws, a fundraiser for Howard County Animal Rescue, and helped run a table for Italian Greyhound Rescue with the IG Rescue Rep, Serena. We had a great time, met a lot of great people and potential adopters, so it was a success. I had a great photo of the whole booth, with Serena sitting with her dog, but occasionally photos become pixilated on my phone after I take them (so frustrating!) so I don't have it. And the one Serena took of me, she got her big fat thumb in it:

It was so much fun watching all the different dogs come through. We saw Big Greys and Whippets and even some other IGs:

And then we saw this big guy! Seriously, the biggest dog I have ever seen. I couldn't quit asking his owner about him. Turns out he weights 206 pounds!

It turned out to be a really beautiful day, and of course, I didn't bring sun screen so I came home with a horrendous sunburn on my face. But it was worth it, it was a really nice day. 

Joe worked another fair this weekend, this time in Thurmont. He worked 10 hours both yesterday and today. But that will be the last time he has to do something like that... at least for this employer. Joe has decided to quit and look for something that better meets his expectations as a chiropractic assistant, as well as look for a chiropractor to work for that he can trust, respect, and learn from. Wish him luck on his job hunt!

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