Sunday, April 5, 2009

Update on Dr. Joe

Joe with his new computer!

So, Joe has had some exciting things going on and I wanted to make sure everyone knew about it! First, he scheduled a time with a gym next to his office for him to come in and offer free chair massage for their clients. This was a couple of weeks ago and he saw a few people during his time there. He sent them follow-up letters, and one of those people called and made an appointment to see him! As most of you know, he's been treating a friend of ours a couple times in the office, which has been so great to get him back in the game, but this is his first patient he actually brought in from his own marketing!

He also came up with an idea to send all the schools in the Alexandria area a letter, offering to come in and do chair massage for the teachers. Well, it just so happens that teacher appreciation week is coming up, so THREE schools called back and accepted his offer!

And to top it all off, he bought a booth at the Red Cross Festival in June - which everyone has said is the best place to generate business. It will be all him, for two days, offering chair massage.

Such great stuff on his calendar, and it was all from his marketing ideas! He feels so great actually doing these things for him, as opposed to bringing patients in for someone else.

Everything is falling into place. :-) Hope everyone else is doing well too.

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