Thursday, April 30, 2009

March of Dimes Walk

I can't believe it's been 10 whole days since I've posted! It amazes me that it's already Thursday - last weekend and this week have been so busy that it just flew by.

I thought I'd show you some pictures from the March of Dimes event Joe and I participated in last weekend with my company, Birthday in a Box. We had company shirts made up and a lot of people showed up, so we had a nice big group. Our team raised $1,830, and I just have to say THANK YOU to everyone who supported me. It really means a lot.

As you can see from my red face in the last picture, it was a super hot day! But we made it the full 4.1 miles, and it felt good. (If you are wondering, our shirts say "Shop Click Party" on the back - that is Birthday in a Box's slogan.)

The rest of our weekend was spent doing dog transport. We got in two new rescues that needed to be taken to foster homes last weekend. So on Friday, Joe and I braved the rush hour traffice to take sweet Lili to her new foster home, and on Sunday, we drove 2 1/2 hours to pick up Lou and drive him to his new foster home.

It was a hot, busy weekend, but full of good deeds!

This week has just been crazy - Joe is writing his thesis AND seeing patients (yay!), I have TONS going on at work where I am just fried at the end of the day, Joe is developing his own website for his business (check it out -, I am getting a lot of inquiries and releases through IG Rescue, Joe is trying to market himself by attending lots of after-work meetings and Chamber of Commerce events... you get the idea. Oh, and did I mention that we found a tick on Joe the other night?? Yes, it was horrible, but he got the gross little thing off of him eventually and has had no ill side effects.

It's just been crazy, so again, sorry for the late posting. I'll try to do better. :-)

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