Friday, April 17, 2009

Joe's Trip to Portland

Joe took a trip back home to Portland over Easter weekend, and he had a great time! He was able to see all of his family, get caught up on everything, and eat lots of stuff he doesn't get around here - like steak!

One of the people he was most excited to see was Marleigh. She is the daughter of Joe's great friends, Bryan and Kari. And boy, was Marliegh excited to see her Uncle Joe!

It was also exciting because Bryan and Kari are expecting their second! Kari is due next month, as you can see by this picture. :-)

Marleigh is convinced that there is a little sister in there, but Joe and I think it's going to be a boy.

More pictures of the family:

Joe's mom, Connie.

Marleigh with Joe's neice, Samantha; her boyfriend Dalton (in yellow), and Joe's nephew, Zach. (Zach is playing rugby now and Joe got to go to one of his games. He got so enthralled in the sport that I'm a bit afraid he's going to want to start playing. And that game is brutal!!)

Joe's Dad, Joe Sr., with the baby in the family, Roxy.

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