Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend with my Darling Doggies

Joe was able to take a trip back home to Portland this last weekend, so I spent four days by myself. You know, it's amazing how used to someone you get after so many months. Joe and I have such a great routine, and we always have lots to talk about and lots to do together. There were times I was sitting on the couch, thinking, "okay, what should I do now?" And then I would look at the dogs, and they would be staring back at me, like, "what do we do now?"

But I eventually got back to my independent self and ended up getting a lot of stuff done. And the dogs, for the most part, had a good time with their mom.

Easter Sunday was a little weird, that's for sure. My family isn't religious by any means, but Easter was always another excuse to be together as a family. Lots of talking, eating, gaming, and just hanging out. And to not have that, and then not have Joe to try to re-create that with our little family, it was a little sad.

So, I ended up taking the dogs to the dog park so we could at least have a little family time, just the three of us. Jackson loved it, Ava, not so much. (per usual)

I then headed down to D.C. to have lunch with Stuart, who luckily was still in town. We had a fabulous vegan lunch and then had mimosas at a nice little bar in Dupont Circle. It was a nice day, so we walked around town for a while too.

Then I hopped the Metro back home so I could video-conference with my family. Got to see everyone and even though I wasn't there, it was nice to at least be a part of the festivities.

Joe comes home tonight, and I think all three of us are going to be happy to have him home. Two trips apart have made us realize how excited we are about our next trip - together!

Hope you all had a great Easter weekend!

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