Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekend Trip to Wenatchee

I had a fun, crazy, whirl-wind weekend! I caught a plane at 6:30 a.m. Friday morning to Seattle. I had to be up at 4:00 a.m., so it was not a pleasant experience. But, it was worth it, because I was taking a trip to visit family. I grew up in Wenatchee, Wash., and most of my family sti
ll lives there. My mom picked me up from Seatac Airport and after a quick stop to visit a good friend of mine, we headed to Wenatchee.

Most of the reason I decided to take this super-quick trip home, was to see my niece and her brand-new baby boy Mason. I couldn't bear the fact that I wouldn't meet this newest member of our family until Christmas - so I made the trip.

Here is the family:

My beautiful niece, Kaylie, and her boyfriend, Nathan, are raising this precious, perfect bundle of joy. Mason is such a good baby, so handsome and sweet, so they are definitely doing something right!

Seriously, how cute is this child??

He is so loved by so many people. My mother, his great-grandmother, is no exception.

Neither is his great-grandfather, my dad!

But Mason is totally in love with my brother, his grandpa. He smiles at him and it is just heart-melting. It totally turns my 6'4" bear of a brother to jelly.

Mason has an aunt and uncle as well, and I couldn't forget them. Sadie - a sweet Boxer that keeps an eye on Mason and has incredible motherly instincts:

And Ozzy - a crazy, super-happy Pug mix who loves each person he sees the best! best! best! until he sees the next person and then he is so so so happy to see that person too! It's too funny.

More pictures to come as I get them from family. Of course the only ones I had on my camera are of the baby and the dogs. So me, I know. But it was an incredible trip and now I just need about 16 hours to catch up on sleep....

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