Monday, March 9, 2009

Sweet, Sweet Warmth

It was over 70 degrees this weekend and I was in complete heaven! Walking around without 17 layers of clothes on, warm evening walks with the dogs, and no need for the heater (saving $$, yes!) To celebrate, we took the dogs on a hike at Great Falls Park in Virginia. We had a great time, and Ava even enjoyed herself (mostly).

It's supposed to get cold again this week, but it was a nice preview to Spring, and definitely boosted all our spirits.


sarah said...

WTF!? Why are you wearing a tank top? There is still snow on the ground in Seattle. Not fair.

Thoughts said...

We also had warm in climate weather this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed it. The dogs enjoyed it even more so!

Heather said...

Sarah - I know! It was like 73 degrees and it was awesome. :-)

Thoughts - I tried visiting your blog and it was protected. Would love to learn more about you!