Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Day!

Joe and I woke up to this yesterday morning:

Isn't it beautiful? We had so much fun taking Jack out in it - he absolutely loved it and it was the first time we'd seen him in any real snow (last winter we were in Europe and his grandparents got to see him loving the snow, we didn't).

We ended up getting around 5-6 inches, which completely shut this town down. My supervisor called and told me to work from home, so I set up a makeshift desk at home and worked all day in my pjs. It was the BEST WORKDAY EVER!!

Yes, that is Joe's massage table, his doctor's chair, and a cutting board under the computer. Worked perfectly, though. We did end up taking Ava out later in the day. I should have taken a picture of that - she 100% hated it. And would do anything and everything possible to stay on the defrosted parts of the sidewalk - hopping over any portion of snow. Too funny.

So, we finally got our snow. And it is now out of our system. We're done with Winter now. Summer, it's time for you to show your face. Please??

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