Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Weekend Trip to Wenatchee - Part II

More Pictures!!

Here I am holding beautiful Miss Ava Marie, my cousin's new baby girl, who is 4 days older than Mason, who my mom is holding. Ava is so beautiful and so much littler than Mason - it was so much fun meeting her!

Here are the moms with their beautiful babies. My niece, Kaylie, with Mason on the left; my cousin's wife Christina, with Ava, on the right.

My whole crazy family who met me for dinner at my favorite restaurant the night I flew into town:
(The Wok A Bout Grill in Wenatchee, is literally my favorite restaurant in the world. If you ever find yourself in Wenatchee, go there - you will love it!)

Here are the dads, with their babies. Nathan, my niece's boyfriend, with Mason, on the left; and my cousin Dustin, with Ava, on the right.

Cousins holding cousins!

Seriously, do they not just melt your heart?? I wonder what they will grow up to be - do we have a future engineer, pilot, teacher, rock star, artist, actor, or veterinarian on our hands? It's going to be SO much fun watching them grow and seeing who they become.

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