Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Not much new going on here, but thought I would update for our many (okay, try 3) loyal readers. We were supposed to have an ice storm the last couple nights, but like what happened when they got our hopes up with a forecast for snow - it didn't happen. It did start raining, though... and raining... and raining. It hasn't stopped since yesterday afternoon and there are now rivers running along all the streets. Ahhh, makes me feel like I'm back home in Seattle.

Joe and I have joined a few local community groups and last night I went to my first meetup - with a group called "Chick Lits of Montgomery County." Basically, this group is all women who ready trashy books and meet up to discuss them. They also meet up socially to watch movies, attend wine-tastings, go on tours, etc. I met up with them for the first time last night and it seems like a good group. Joe and I are both looking forward to getting out and meeting new people. We are both members of this new movie-lovers group and we're attending the first event on Saturday.

Um... let's see, what else? Joe is meeting with the chiropractor he will be working with tomorrow and will be drawing up a contract and figuring out next steps. He's pretty excited. Work is going well for me and I'm getting great feedback on some of the things I've initiated for them. We've started hosting giveaways through other websites and we're hosting one right now on this blog: Check it out if you want to win a $25 gift certificate from my company. haha.

The dogs are doing good. Still crazy like always. Joe took this picture of Ava yesterday, what a crack-up. Jackson is getting a little cabin fever and we realized that when Joe starts working, we are probably going to have to invest in a dog walker. He just needs more exercise than Ava.

Well, I guess that's all I can think of. Hope everyone else is having a more exciting week!

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The Three Dog Blogger said...

Ava looks lovely. Very cute indeed.

Your social life sounds a lot fuller than mine as well. Snowed in today which is cool.